Andrés GROSS Biography

1967 - Manizales, Colombia
1984 - Home study painting with Master Jenaro Mejia, undertaken jointly by the tribute mural Santagueda Church, in memory of those killed in Armero (Tolima) from the volcano Nevado del Ruiz - Making Prints from Serigraph
1986 - Peter Sandstede Photo Studio , experiencing large-format landscape mural and artistic photographic retouching
1987 - Bogotá, Colombia
I travel to the capital to work with the teacher, critic and artist Galaor Carbonell, developing projects and fixtures, sculptures and paintings in several cities, as "the ages of Bogotá" and "the ages of Cucuta, and the pictorial work of the Hospital San Juan de Dios in Bogotá
1988 - He studied lost wax casting, with Carlos Guarin, human busts in developing this material for Aviatur headquarters in Bogotá
1994 - Hyde, UK
Canterbury University, Bachelor of Fine Arts
1994/1996 - Barcelona, Spain
I enrolled in the school of crafts "Can Xatarra and certify me as an expert on ceramics, moldmaker builder and architectural restoration, selected by the center for permanent display
1995 - Naples, Italy
Making Projects with the Artist Fabrizio Minervini, making the sample "Circus" in San Pasquale Piaza City
1995/2003 - Barcelona, Spain
Member and head of art department of the Association of Colombia in Catalonia
1997/2001 - Dominican Republic
Made countless trips from Barcelona, providing knowledge and sculpture in wood working in the studio of Master Rafael de Lemos
1998 - Barcelona, Spain
Collaborated with Master Sculptor Rodrigo Monsalve Isaza, in different projects in ceramics from "Don Quixote" and "the death of Jesus crucified" to be carried out next year in Canada and the U.S.
1999>>> Home Projects business and I depart temporarily from the artistic life.


1986 - Group Exhibition - Centro SanCancio, Manizales, Colombia
1988 - Group Exhibition - Gallery Red and black, Bogotá, Colombia
1994 - Group Exhibition - Casa de Cultura de Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona, Spain
1994 - Group Exhibition - Gallery Manifesto, Barcelona, Spain
1994 - Induvidual Exhibition - Pati Llimona Culture House in Barcelona, Spain
1995 - Group Exhibition - Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona, Spain
1995 - Group Exhibition - Gallery Galviati, Naples Italy
1996 - Group Exhibition - Consulate General of Colombia in Barcelona, Spain
1996 - Individual Exhibition - Trade Catalan Institute of Ibero America, Barcelona, Spain
1996 - Group Exhibition - Faculty of Fine Arts, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
1996 - Group Exhibition - Municipal Cultural Center, Almassora, Castellon, Spain

Artist's Statement

Born in Manizales, Colombia in 1967, the son of European immigrants, from an early age I was brought up surrounded by nature, I am passionate about the landscape in all its expressions and forms, what's new day, and how different the next.
I consider myself a native without original packaging, which is about creating things in his work up close, without forgetting those that exist in the distance, and feeling very close to where I am.