Rod Arad

Rod Arad was born in 1951 in Tel Aviv, Israel. After his studies in Jerusalem, he studied at the Architectural Association in London.  His designs are unique, highly sculptural, and made of metal.

The bookworm shelf created in 1994, looks like a winding strip of metal ribbon on the wall. He is an expert at turning sheets of metal into exquisite headrests and expressive armrests. His chaise longue chair called After Spring/Before Summer is bow-like and made from chrome plated steel. He also creates objects that are influenced by recycling as in his Roverchair, which has a seat of a Rover car attached to it. He was also inspired by industrial aesthetics which lead him to create the Tempered Chair with steel curves and rivets.

He has begun to move his ideas from plastic to metal because it is more economical so more consumers are able to enjoy his expressive designs.