Famous Modern and Contemporary Indian Artists

Our editors have selected various Indian artists that are today considered to be some of the best names in the Asia Pacific art scene. The artists work in all kinds of media – from paintings to printmaking, from sculpture and photography to video and installations. Some of these names include international stars, whereas others are well-respected in India.

Jaishri ABHICHANDANI. Painter, Printmaker and Sculptor.

J Sultan ALI. Painter. Primative.

Navjot ALTAF. Sculptor, Painter and Photographer. Conceptural.

Amit AMBALAL. Painter. Figurative.

Ramkinkar BAIJ. Sculptor and Painter. Figurative.

Alwar BALASUBRAMANIAM. Sculptor and Printmaker. Abstract and Surrealist.

Prabhakar BARWE. Painter. Abstract Expressionist.

Manjit BAWA. Painter. Abstract.

Narayan Shridhar BENDRE. Painter. Cubist.

Jyoti BHATT. Photographer and Painter.

Bikash BHATTACHARJEE. Painter. Figurative.

Rameshwar BROOTA. Painter. Figurative.

Sakri BURMAN. Painter. Figurative

Arpana CAUR. Painter. Folk and figurative.

Jayashree CHAKARAVARTY. Painter. Figurative.

Sheba CHHACCHI. Installation Artist and Photographer. Conceptual.

Jogen CHOWDHURY. Painter. Figurative

Amitava DAS. Painter. Expressionist. Semi-Abstract.

Dharmanarayan DASGUPTA. Painter. Folk and landscape.

Biren DE. Painter. Abstract.

Anju DODIYA. Painter. Figurative.

Atul DODIYA. Painter. Figurative / Conceptual.

C DOUGLAS. Painter. Expressionist.

Anita DUBE. Sculptor. Conceptual.

Vaseudeo S. GAITONDE. Painter. Abstract.

Subba GHOSH. Painter and Video Artist. Realist.

Mehlli GOBHAI. Painter. Abstract.

Sheela GOWDA. Painter, Sculptor and Installation Artist.

K Laxma GOUD. Painter. Figurative.

Satish GUJRAL. Painter, Sculptor and Architect. Expressionist.

Shilpa GUPTA. Conceptual Artist.

Subodh GUPTA. Sculptor, Installation Artist, and Photographer. Post-pop.

Ganesh HALOI. Painter. Abstract.

NS HARSHA. Painter. Figurative.

Kattingeri Krishna HEBBAR. Painter. Figurative.

Somnath HORE. Painter, Sculptor and Printmaker. Minimalist.

Maqbool Fida HUSAIN. Painter and Film-maker. Cubist, folk and figurative.

Ranbir Singh KALEKA. Painter and Film-maker. Surrealist.

Jitish KALLAT. Painter and Installation Artist. Pop.

Reena Saini KALLAT. Painter and Installation Artist. Conceptual.

Anish KAPOOR. Installations and Mixed Media. Conceptual.

Bhupen KHAKHAR. Painter. Naive.

Krishen KHANNA. Painter. Figurative.

Bharti KHER. Painter and Sculptor.

Valsan Koorma KOLLERI. Sculptor. Semi-figurative.

Prabhakar M KOLTE. Painter. Abstract.

Bose KRISHNAMACHARI. Painter, Photographer and Sculptor. Conceptual.

Ram KUMAR. Painter. Cubist and abstract.

Tallur LN. Sculptor and Installation Artist. Conceptual.

Nalini MALANI. Multimedia Artist.

Chittrovanu MAZUMDAR. Painter. Abstract and semi-figurative.

Tyeb MEHTA. Painter. Expressionist.

Anjolie Ela MENON. Painter. Figurative.

Dhruva MISTRY. Sculptor. Figurative.

Nasreen MOHAMEDI. Drawer. Graphic and abstract.

Benode Behari MUCKHERJEE. Calligraphic.

Meera MUKHERJEE. Sculptor. Folk.

Mrinalini MUKHERJEE. Organic Sculptor.

Kausik MUKHOPADHYAY. Assemblage Artist.

Pushpamala N. Performance Photographer.

Surendran NAIR. Painter. Figurative.

Shibu NATESAN. Painter. Photorealist.

Akbar PADAMSEE. Painter. Cubist, figurative and abstract.


Jagannath PANDA. Sculptor. Abstract.

KCS PANIKER. Painter. Indigenous and graffiti.

Madhvi PAREKH. Painter. Naive.

Manisha PAREKH. Painter. Abstract.

Manu PAREKH. Painter. Abstract.

Baiju PARTHAN. Painter. Conceptual.

Gieve PATEL. Painter. Figurative.

Jeram PATEL. Sculptor. Abstract.

Sudhir PATWARDHAN. Painter. Figurative.

Ganesh PYNE. Painter.

Gargi RAINA. Painter. Minimalist.

Achutan Nair RAMACHANDRAN. Painter. Figurative.

Anadajit RAY. Painter. Figurative.

Shyamal Dutta RAY. Painter.

Sayed Haider RAZA. Painter. Abstract.

G Ravinder REDDY. Sculptor. Folk and Pop.

Krishna REDDY. Painter. Abstract.

NN RIMZON. Sculptor. Conceptual.

Rekha RODWITTIYA. Painter. Folk.

Jehangir SABAVALA. Painter. Cubist.

Sharmila SAMANT. Photographer and Video Artist.

Gulam Rasool SANTOSH. Painter. Abstract.

Paritosh SEN. Painter. Cubist and Expressionist.

Himmat SHAH. Sculptor. Abstract.

Nataraj SHARMA. Painter. Figurative and pop.

Lalu Prasad SHAW. Painter. Figurative.

Gulammohammed SHEIKH. Painter. Naive and landscape.

Nilima SHEIKH. Painter. Abstract.

Sudarshan SHETTY. Sculptor. Conceptual.

Laxman SHRESHTHA. Painter. Abstract.

Amjum SINGH. Painter. Abstract.

Arpita SINGH. Painter. Figurative.

Dayantia SINGH. Photography.

Paramjit SINGH. Painter. Landscape.

Francis Newton SOUZA. Painter.

Kalapathi Ganapathi SUBRAMANYAN. Painter, Sculptor and Printmaker. Folk, modernist and post-cubist.

Anupam SUD. Painter. Figurative.

Vivan SUNDARAM. Installation Artist. Conceptual.

Jagdish SWAMINATHAN. Painter. Abstract.

Vasudha Thozhur. Painter. Abstract.

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