Pakpoom Silaphan Biography

Bangkok, Thailand, 1972

An established Thai artist, Pakpoom Silaphan works with mixed media. He often combines image and text to create pieces that are aesthetically beautiful and intellectually compelling.

He received his BFA from Silapakorn University in Bangkok, a diploma in printmaking from Camberwell College of Art, and a Masters in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design, in London.

Silaphan says of his work: The influence of living in a different culture inspires much of my work. I think multicultural societies are as complex as an unfit jigsaw, but offer many opportunities creatively. I like to work with themes from everyday life and popular culture, both for my subject matter and my media as well - newspaper cuttings feature in much of my work in 2D and 3D. I choose subjects by using my basic understanding of similarities between cultural issues and situations in everyday life, which I can not define as right or wrong but as a conclusion. In terms of the selection of my work, I like to pick and combine subjects that have an inherent ambiguity and which have triviality and feeling in equal measure.

Selected Exhibitions

2007 -

2004 - Apart Gallery, London, UK

2003 - Will?s Art Warehouse, London, UK

2002 - House Gallery, London, UK

2001 - Will?s Art Warehouse, London, UK