Agata Mazus Biography

Polish painter and drawer, Agata Mazus is an emrging artist in the figurative style, whose work is characterized by effortless outlines, ample freedom of execution and a multifragmented vision of the subject to represent an abstract appearance.

She earned her MA from the Department of Painting and Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland.


2007 -

2001 - International Workshops, Brande, Dinamarca.

1999 - International Workshops, Brande, Dinamarca

1997 - Gallery Kierat, Szczecin, Polonia

1984 - XII Festival de Pintura Polaca Contemporanea, Szczecin, Polonia

1987 - Inter Art, Poznan, Polonia

1995 - Paper Fascination, Szczecin , Polonia

1994 - Arts sans Frontieres, Ville d'Avray, Francia

1993 - Art of Mazus Family, Szczecin, Polonia

1992 - Aller-Retour Angouleme, Francia

1991 - Galerie Melnikov, Heidelberg, Alemania - BWA Royal Gate, Szczecin, Polonia

1990 - Young Fine Arts, Szczecin, Polonia - Gallery Kaya, Bxl, Belgica - Salon d'Ensemble, Bxl, Belgica - Society of Polish-Swedish Friendship, Szczecin, Polonia

1989 - Gallery Arpo, Szczecin, Polonia

1988 - Young Painting, Sopot, Polonia - Textile Miniatures, Bialystok, Polonia