Alejandro Caiazza Biography

Santa Fe, Argentina, 1972

Emerging abstract Venezuelan artist. Alejandro Caiazza was born in Argentina and has Italian roots. His abstract work is characterized by its bichromatism, what gives the artist a vehicle to express his inner anguish. The use of black in his work symbolizes his emotional self, while white is related to rationality, essential at the same time for the understanding of the emotions.

Caiazza studied Architecture and Fine Art at the Universidad Jose Maria Vargas, in Venezuela.

Exhibitions (Selection)

2007 -

2007 - "Peintures" Galerie Satellite, Paris - "Quinze ans et plus si affinites" Galerie Satellite, Paris

2006 - "Les Phares" , Galerie Satellite, Paris - Salon Satellite Yokohama III, Japan - "Art Portable" Galerie Satellite, Paris

2005 - Salon Satellite Yokohama II, Japan

2000 - Del Sur's Art Gallery Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

1999 - "Pinturas Negras" Sidor's Art Gallery, Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela - "Caracas no duerme" Caracas, Venezuela