Alvaro Amengual Biography

Montevideo, Uruguay, 1957

An established Uruguayan artist, Ã?lvaro Amengual works with paint on paper. His interiors show, real or intangible, the presence of man, while his portraits acquire significance in irony and sarcasm. He is interested in disturbing spaces and slightly distorted figures.

Amengual studied at the Asis Institute of Fine Arts in San Francisco, the National Museum of Plastic and Visual Arts, and the Engraving Club of Montevideo, Uruguay.


2007 -

2005 - The generation of the 80?s. Del Paseo Hall. Maldonado, Uruguay.

2004 - Coincidences and divergences with reality. Zorrilla Museum. - Artigas Theater. Trinidad, Flores, Uruguay.

2002 - Eppur si muove. Carlos Federico Saez Hall. Ministry of Transport and Public Works.

2001 - 90th Anniversary of the Visual Arts National Museum. Visual Arts National Museum. - The idea of Tango. Itinerant exhibit. Germany, Austria, France, Spain. - IMPROMPTU. Carlos Federico Saez Hall. Ministry of Transport and Public Works. - Sara Garcia Uriburu Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2000 - INTURNOS. Del Paseo Hall. Maldonado, Uruguay.

1999 - ARTEACTUAL. Carrasco Lawn Tennis.

1998 - MAREMAGNUM. Borges Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay. - 16 Artistas Desencajados. Del Paseo Hall. Maldonado, Uruguay. - Small portraits. Del Paseo Hall. Maldonado, Uruguay.

1997 - Mural painting. Rosario- Colonia, Uruguay. - Design for the stained glass windows of the Divina Pastora Chapel. Montevideo, Uruguay.

1996 - Miraflores Municipality Cultural Center. Lima, Peru. - Eight Uruguayan Painters. Santa Monica Gallery. Asuncion, Paraguay.

1994 - Uruguayan Artists. Alternate Current Gallery. Lima, Peru. - Artists and Children of Uruguay. (UNICEF) Galeria Latina. - 20 Years and a Workshop. Lara Workshop Main Hall of the Montevideo Local Government Building. Uruguay.

1988 - Museum of Art, Rio Grande do Sul. Porto Alegre, Brazil.

1987 - Minature Print Biennale. International Arts Foundation. Connecticut, USA. - Maquinas de no soñar. Notarial Gallery.

1986 - Watercolors Salon, Banco Republica. - 2º Festival Latinoamericano da Arte e Cultura. Brazil.

1979 - Cinemateca Uruguaya. Uruguay.