Ann Candler Biography

American abstract painter Ann Candler, creates work based on her studies of the formal elements of painting, creating balanced yet complex artworks.

Candler states, ?My current group of abstract paintings began through a break from representational painting. I wanted to focus on composition, movement, color, value, texture, and the nature of oil paint, without distraction of subject matter. I hoped that this would allow more room for intuitive painting, which it has. At the same time, this movement in abstract oil painting has also stirred in me an obsession with the formal elements of painting.?

?I begin by covering a cotton canvas in a thin layer of one color. I then start adding shapes - organic forms, loosely based on geometric shapes, which overlap or interlink with other painted shapes or negative space, creating a two-dimensional mosaic. Each shape I add is based upon what I have painted up to that point - a decision based on creating harmony, or one that will create an offset with other shapes and colors already existing on the canvas.?

?My process of creating these paintings is a combination of play and analysis - a meeting of my fundamental aesthetic taste and what I have learned about artistic principles. I lay down each shape onto the canvas with inspired yet intentional strokes, aiming to create a balanced, complex, and captivating painting.?


2006 - - Lapis Gallery, Denver, Colorado

2004 - Colorado Art Expo, Denver, Colorado - Lapis Gallery, Denver, Colorado - "September's Featured Artist", Juried Show, Artwalk Longmont, Colorado - ?Artist Worth Watching" Dearborn Rieder Fine Art Gallery, Boulder, Colorado

2003 - Colorado Art Expo, Denver, Colorado - ?Learning To Love You More? Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado - ?Exposure?, presented by The Creative Force Collaborative, Dreamcatcher Learning Center, Colorado - ?Exposure?, presented by The Creative Force Collaborative, Millenium Harvest House Hotel, Colorado