Design at Home: Designing Your Bedroom

Ideal for retreating from the busy world, bedrooms often represent your 'inner sanctum,' your personal sanctuary that promises pure relaxation. In order to create your own special haven, remember to take all of your senses into account.

How do you envision your private retreat?


Close your eyes and remember one of the moments when you were most relaxed. What colors do you see? While white and light, neutral colors, such as cream and beige, always provide a soothing backdrop, you might wish to add more color. Often reminiscent of childhood, pastels are a comforting choice. Feeling drained and in need of a burst of energy? Invigorating reds or warm orange tones might be your best option. If you love the sea, splashes of blue with a white backdrop could help create the maritime atmosphere you love. Dark green, burgundy, maroon and other colors evoking forests and untouched nature can also help create a quiet sense of inner peace.
Ideally, the color scheme you choose will represent you and your needs.


Lighting is often underestimated, yet vital for a soothing environment. Soft ceiling lights, bedside lamps and lighting elements will provide indirect lighting, while dark curtains or blinds can ensure restful sleep. Your color scheme will be more effective with proper lighting.


Large, airy rooms evoke luxury and abundance. Even if your bedroom is small, you can create the impression of a spacious, serene area by removing all visible clutter and keeping accessories to a minimum. Multifunctional design elements will help you do just that. An antique chest or a multifunctional storage box next to the bed can provide you with additional storage space.

How does your ideal bedroom make you feel?

Invest in a good mattress and bed. Statistically, we spend one third of our lives in bed, so this is one of the smartest investments you will ever make. Textured fabrics, silky sheets, top quality bedding, fluffy pillows, soft carpets and throws feel sumptuous and add functional luxury. In addition, they will help block out unwanted noise.

Other luxuries could include scented candles (lavender, jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang will help you relax), a few select personal items (framed photographs, a beautiful painting, a small bookshelf with your favorite books) or even a small mini-bar. A little luxury goes a long way. After all, this is your personal retreat, where you recharge yourself physically, mentally and emotionally - you deserve it.