Buy Paintings: Artwork as a Conversation Piece

Buy Paintings: Artwork as a Conversation Piece

An artwork can serve as a focal point for a room and a symbol of the owner's style and interests. A landscape of the Irish countryside may tell visitors that the owner has a family connection to that country. A photograph of a Hollywood star from the 1950s may indicate the owner's interest in cinema. Less obviously, a muted abstract work may indicate a poetic sensibility in the owner's personality.

Beyond transmitting these subtle signals, an artwork can be a conversation piece. The same Irish landscape painting may inspire a conversation about trips to Dublin or the importance of land in farming villages, or even the advantages of country life over city life! The photograph of the Hollywood star could spark a discussion about the old glamour of the cinema to more recent scandals. The abstract work might suggest a debate over the merits of abstract and realist works.

A few tips for choosing an artwork that can have the potential to be a conversation piece:

-Choose artworks with subjects that represent your interests: sports, travel, cars, film, city life, country life, sailing, gardening, politics, etc.

-If you're a bit daring with your choices of artwork, try choosing a provocative subject: a Helmut Newton nude, a photo of a Damien Hirst installation, or an artwork that makes a bold political statement.

-Hang the artwork in a place where it's sure to be noticed: in the entrance to your home, where visitors are sure to see it right away; in easy view of the seating in your living room, so it can be noticed during a relaxing visit; on the wall of your dining room, to inspire dinnertime conversation.

-Finally, be ready to talk about the artwork you choose. Read up on the artist and his or her work to be able to help the conversation along.