How to Decorate with Art

How to Decorate with Art

Decorating your home with original contemporary art is a chance to express your personal style, enhance your living environment, and live with beauty every day. Some people buy art to beautify a room, while others fall in love with a piece and decorate a room around it. Get inspired.

If you're buying an artwork because you love it, you'll find a place to hang it. If you want to enhance your living space, contemporary art can offer design solutions when chosen and displayed with care and proper lighting. Here are a few ways you can use contemporary art as a decorating tool:

Create a complementary effect

While few art collectors would boast about choosing a painting to match the curtains, when decorating coordinating color schemes is often a primary consideration. While you might not match the overall color of an artwork to the palette of a room, you might look for a painting that complements the existing scheme, choosing a piece of art with a touch of the dominant color to pull the room's décor together.

Add a focal point to a room

Art can be a conversation piece and the star of a room. Choose an artwork with a compelling subject, vivid colors that contrast with your décor, or hang the artwork in a prominent place in the room-in a spot visible from the room's entrance, over a fireplace or above the main piece of furniture. If you really want to draw attention to a specific artwork in a room, be sure to minimize other decorative elements nearby. Try sculpture, as well, to add a third dimension to your decorating.

Use art to add space and light to a room

In a small or dark room, a painting that depicts light-filled spaces, windows or doors, landscapes with a good view of the open sky or expansive seascapes can bring light and air into a room.  Artwork in light colors can really expand a small space.

Make a big or modern space feel more intimate

Artworks in warm tones will make a spacious room feel cozier. Choose reds, pinks, golds and oranges. Try organic or floral themes to contrast with the lines of modern furniture, or to breathe life into large expanses of white walls.

Make a traditional space feel more modern

Combining bold, abstract artworks with traditional furnishings and décor can be a great way to enliven a classic space.

Choose the right artwork for the right room...

...Or the right room for a beloved artwork. Large-scale paintings might look their best in living or dining room, while a smaller print might be perfectly placed in the bedroom. To help you get started, PicassoMio has selected artwork suited for various rooms in your home:

Art for the Living Room

Art for the Bedroom

Art for the Home Office

Art for the Kitchen

Art for the Children's Room

Art for Entrances and Stairways

Art for the Bathroom

Art for Outside

Finally, once you've made some decorating decisions, be sure to hang your artwork with care. PicassoMio has composed a guide with tips for displaying art.

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