Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism

Also referred to as ART INFORMEL, in Europe. Abstract Expressionism was first used to depict the paintings of Wassily KANDINSKY, in the 1920s.

Most experts view Abstract Expressionism more as the highly introspective approach of the artist, than as a specific style of artwork. Abstract Expressionism can vary from the abstractions of KANDINSKY to the SURREALIST forms of Joan MIRÓ to the some of the colourful depictions of Henri MATISSE.

Only artworks such as geometric abstractions and REALIST art cannot be considered part of this introspective movement.

Other renowned names of this movements include: William BAZIOTES, James BROOKS, Hans HOFFMANN, Lee KRASNER, Jackson POLLOCK, Richard PISETTE-DART, Theodorus STAMOS, STILL, Mark ROTHKO, Willem DE KOONING, Adolph GOTTLEIB, Arshile GORKY, Philip GUSTON, KLINE, Robert MOTHERALL, NEWMAN, Ad REINHARDT and Bradley WALKER TOMLIN.