Can photography prints appreciate in value over time?

Can photography prints appreciate in value over time?

Like other artworks, the monetary value of an art photograph depends on two factors: its artistic value, the prestige of the artist and the basic principles of supply and demand. If, for example, Monet or Picasso had never come into the public eye, his works would not be worth millions today. Photographers, like other artists, reach fame through their own brilliance and endeavour, as well as by capturing peoples imagination at a given moment. The sad truth is that many artists do not come to fame until after their death, these are known as posthumous artists. In these cases, artworks that the artist struggled to sell for next to nothing in their lifetime are suddenly “discovered” and become worth millions. In happier cases fame is built over a lifetime, thus art photography by recognised photographers or by emerging names of today with the promise of becoming recognised, like any other artwork, can gain value as the years pass.

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