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Detailed Description

1 x inks on Hahnemühle Artist Canvas 340 gsm - one of a kind - signed by Asbjorn Lonvig. Size: 84 x 59,4 cm (33.1” x 23.4”). Price is US$ 8,632. 210 x exclusive fine art prints numbered and signed by Asbjorn Lonvig, printed on Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350gsm Fine Art paper using pigment based archival inks for pigment load maximization and lightfastness augmentation. Processed with Hahnemühle Protection Spray. Size: 84 x 59,4 cm (33.1” x 23.4”). Price is US$ 2,000 each. Asbjorn Lonvig's words: Inspired by the motif "Diversity" to the company Easyfood. Story: I visited CEO Flemming Paasch at Easyfood in Kolding. On beforehand I read about the company on the internet. Three people had invested 10,000 US$ in a company in the convenience food industry. I was excited to meet these people. Either the people behind this company were totally crazy or… The CEO Flemming Paasch, who was one of the three investors, told me about the company history, about the start and about products. Several of the products contained both bread and meat. As a McDonald's fan I noticed that they made bread for the McDonald's salad menu. I tasted a couple of these bread - they tasted terrific. The conversation with the CEO continued and he said: ”… an organizational flat structure” – yes, yes, I thought, everybody say so. ”Diversity makes strong” – and I really paid attention. ”Friday bazaar for the employees” – I even paid more attention. The CEO got excited, he loved to tell about this. He gave me a specimen of the book “book of ideas”, a book that employees at Easyfood could write in. To the CEO this was obviously not pure business – he had this HR-policy very much at heart. And he continued: “When we cultivate diversity then the organization comes to hold together like a jigsaw puzzle”. A Jigsaw puzzle!!!!!! Exactly. I copied perfectly what the CEO said – and what he meant. I might as well have driven home at this point. I knew how the painting I was supposed to paint looked like. Fortunately I stayed. Another extraordinary experience was in sight. I was dressed in a white coat, a green bonnet on my head and something over my beard. This was of course according to very strict hygiene standards. But I looked like I was ready to rub a bank. The CEO escorted me through the production facilities. The employees smiled. It might have been because of the CEO or it might have been because of my funny looks. Probably because of both. Never the less. I enjoyed to visit the smiling employees and I enjoyed to study the production process in details – even if I had already decided the motif of my painting. About the picture ”Diversity”: Three crazy/visionary people found out, that they wanted to start a factory in the food industry. They are the dark blue pieces of the puzzle. The three pieces are placed apart from each other representing that the three founders have each their work field. ”Diversity makes strong” is symbolized in the bare context of a puzzle. No two pieces are alike. Some pieces are dark blue, some are cobalt blue, and some are red. The management’s and the employee’s right to be different demands the willingness and the ability to accept differences. When a new employee arrives at Easyfood this employee has a physical and a mental shape like a piece in the puzzle. This shape must fit into the puzzle. By intentional reshaping itself. By intentional reshaping of existing pieces. The red thread. The four red pieces depict the red thread in Easyfood. The red thread is Easyfood’s values. The puzzle tells the important story about that Easyfood’s values are an integral part of the organization. There was a reception in the Company and the art work was unveiled. A whole lot of VIPs were present. Something typical to Easyfood and Easyfood's HR-policy: At the next gathering of employees I was asked to tell everything about the whole matter. About the symbolism of "Diversity". So I did.

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