Asun Batlle Biography

Established Catalan artist Asun Batlle works with a very personal and colourful style.

Batlle graduated from the Massana School of Art & Design in Barcelona and is also licensed in Journalism by the Official School of Journalism in Barcelona. Batlle also completed numerous painting and technical courses at the Pietro Vanucci School of Fine Arts in Perugia, Italy.

Luis Doñate, professor of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona states, ?When looking at the work of Asun Batlle, you can see the desire to paint. Batlle's work is luminous and colorful. Batlle moves to clear and precise descriptions. Transformed into painting, everything happens as if a poetic presence had there been, seized in the moment, aiding the subtle expansion of the visible thing towards something immaterial or mysterious. Thus, the distortion of a perspective, a face emerging from a calm sea, the interchange between light and figure in a doorway, the solitary tree at the end of a running length, the sign that announces a silence?leads to the poetic encounter on the part of the spectator."


2006 - - Silencis, Espai Criteria Arquitectes, Barcelona, Spain

2004 - Mirades, The White Gallery, Sitges, Spain