Blanca Sagastizabal Biography

Spain-born mid-career PAINTER popular for her colorful NAIF paintings.

Blanca has received several AWARDS for her art on 14 different occasions. Her most recent honors include the following outstanding awards:

1999 - First Prize, The 9th Naif Art Competition, Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors. - Finalist, Juan Barjola Prize, The Burgocentro Painting Contest.

A SELECTED list of her INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS is as follows: - 1997: Armaga Art Gallery, Leon, Spain; - 1997: Maria de Oliva Art Gallery, Madrid; - 1994: S. Vincente Gallery (the Sorolla Room),Valencia; - 1994: Sardon Gallery, Leon; - 1993: Florida Sexta Avenida, "Wallis"; - 1992: Galeria D'Art Roglan, Barcelona.

COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS: During the course of her artistic career, Blanca has participated in 45 collective exhibitions, in Spain and Europe, from 1997 up to the present day.

Blanca's art also forms part of the COLLECTIONS of the following international museums: - Paris: Museum D'Art Naif Max Fortuny; - Jaen, Spain: The Don Prado Villa Palace;

Albacete, Spain: Museum of Popular Art; - Guimares, Portugal: Museum of Modern Primitive Art; - France: Bagues Niza Museum of Naive Art; - Madrid: Museum of Post and Telegraph; - Figueres, Spain: Figueres Museum of Naive Art.