Cécile Carrière Biography

Narbonne, France 1983-

Cecile Carriere is an emerging French artist that works in the figurative style. She studied philosophy, aesthetics and sociology at the Sorbonne University. Her work includes philosophy, music, and painting. Currently she is working with a series of drawings in black ink based in thoughts of ethics and the human tragedy.

In her own words, "The figures that I draw are biological complex organisms that approach a world where limits between the exterior and the interior don't exist and where the natural figure is subjected to the power of nightmares. In this universe of daydreams, the drawing is like the persistence of a cruel dream". For Cecile Carriere when she paints "it seems my hand makes its own automatic handwriting: exactly as in the ancient Greek Theater the visual delirium is a basic expression and the men are reduced to subdued, grotesque characters to an uncontrollable force".

Collective Exhibitions:

2007 - Theatro Mercat del Flor , "El marato del espectacle", Barcelona, España. - The Eyedrum, "contemporary portrait", curated by Alyson Laura, Atlanta, Estados Unidos. - The Art House, "The drawing Show", curated by Barry Lorne, Alberta, Canada.

2006 - La Generale, "The black and white Show", Paris, France.

Individual Exhibitions:

2005 - Theatre de Verre Gallery, Paris, France.