Cid Soard Biography

Mexico City, 1968:

Juan Carlos Fernandez, artistically known as Cid Suard, is a talented up-and- coming avant-garde artist, working with various artistic styles and mediums.

After abandoning his training in Graphic Design in 1987, Cid created ?The PsychoRealist Group? with two other painters: Piru y Cyr Casas.

In 1989, Cid held his first exhibition together with Cyr Casas, called ?The Other Side of The Mood? at the Galeria Balance, in Mexico. Subsequently the group continued to exhibit at various alternative spaces and helped create the EXPO ARTE JOVEN, an emerging art exhibition, which was also shown at the CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM, SANTIAGO DE CHILE AND RUFINO TAMAYO MUSEUM, MEXICO CITY.

The PsychoRealist Group held its last exhibition, PSICORREAXILA, in 1994. The celebrated Mexican Artist, Jose Luis Cuevas, inaugurated the Exhibition.

Cid continues to work as an independent artist and has won prizes in countries like: Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, Spain and Mexico.

A partial list of his EXHIBITIONS is as follows:

2002 Trans Art ?Los Mudos tambien sueñan? Barcelona, Spain.

2000 Caja Rural de Toledo ?Minimalismo Chido?, Toledo, Spain.

1st International Festival of Art, Coahuila, Spain. - 1997 SAI Gallery ?Amor que en la mente razona? , New York.

1996 Cafe au lait ?Proyecto 68?, Mexico City.

1994 Galeria Itati ?Enseñanzas de la Ruptura, Nos siguen pegando abajo?, Mexico City.

1992 Galeria Class ?en realidad somos uno?, Santiago de Chile. - Poliforum Cultural Siqueiros ?En realidad somos uno?, Mexico City.

1991 Galeria Laurence ?Desaprendisajes?, Santiago de Chile. - Reinaguracion ?Casa de Cultura Anahuac?, Santiago de Chile.

A selected list of COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS that have shown his work is as follows:

2002 ?Festival de Arte Espacio? Caracas, Venezuela - ?Festival de Arte Espacio? La Habana, Cuba

2001 1st International Festival of Digital Art "Cultura y Tradiciones". Congreso del Edo. De Coah.

2000 Galeria Arte Total, Ciudad de Mexico Universidad Nuevo Mundo, Mexico City.

1999 Art on Paper Festival at Galeria ?El Conquistador?, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1998: World Contemporary Art at the L.A. Convention Center, Los Angeles.

1996: Universidad Iberoamericana ?Liber-arte?; Mexico City. - Galeria Au Lait ?tres pintores?; Mexico City.

1995: Carrillo Gil Museum of Contemporary Art, ?24 Cuadros por segundo?, Mexico City. - Asociacion Diego de Losada ?Xth Competition of LatinAmerican Paintings?, Zamora, Spain. - Universidad Autonoma de Mexico ?Festival 12 de Septiembre, en beneficio a Chiapas?, Mexico City - Universidad Nuevo Mundo ?Los olores que el amor despide?, Mexico City - La Casa de las Sirenas ?24 Cuadros por segundo?, Mexico City.