Colita Biography

Barcelona-born Colita is a leading Spanish photographer and one of the best- known female photographers in Europe.

The artist commenced her training under renowned Spanish and Catalan photographers like Oriol Maspons, Julio Ubiña and Xavier Miserachs, in the early 1960s.

In 1962, Colita collaborated in the Rovira BELETA's film ?Los Tarantos? and became friends with Carmen AMAYA, one of the most important FLAMENCO dancers.

Her friendship with Carmen Amaya resulted in her book ?Luces y Sombras del Flamenco? (1975), one of the best-known photography books on Flamenco dancing.

She has been a major participant in the freedom of the artistic and intellectual movements in Spain, especially during the regime of Spanish dictator, Franco.

During her 35 years as a professional photographer, Colita has held over 40 exhibitions of her work and published 27 books.

In 1998 she received Barcelona?s principal artistic award, together with Oriol Maspons and Leopoldo Pomes.