Daniil Menshikov Biography

1956, Novosibirsk, RUSSIA

An establised RUSSIAN artist, DANIIL's work has been exhibited extensively in Russia, as well as Europe.

Daniil received his training at the SURIKOV STATE INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS, Moscow and in 1990, was named as a member of the RUSSIAN ARTISTS UNION.

A SELECTED list of his EXHIBITIONS is as follows:

1984 - 7th Edition of SOVIET WATERCOLORS. - "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Exhibition, Moscow.

1993 - Ist Art Bienal, Maastricht, Holland.

1994 - "Mon art". Novosibirsk, Russia. - Ist Art Bienal, Kaliningrado. - IIIrd Art Bienal, Belgrade (Yugoslavia).

1995 - Arts and Culture Institute, Catania (Italy).

1998 - Siberia Painters "The Unknown Russia", Leven, Belgium.

2001 - Modern Gallery, Novosibirsk.

2002 - Alt Gallery, Novosibirsk.