Dolors Farrarons Biography

Barcelona, Spain

Established Catalan artist Dolors Farrarons works in a style reminiscent of cubism, but which the artist states is in fact ?Daleth?.

When speaking about her work, Farrarons states, "My style is ?Daleth?. My style is the quadrilateral that sighs or the poem that sustains it. My style is the four angles that maintain the world of the Popul-Vuh poem, in the Legend of Guatemala of M.A. Asturias".


1993 - Cel-lula (idea-relacionables), Cafe d'art Ivanovna, Barcelona

1988 - Cartons, D'ara endavant, Barcelona

1982 - Musicals Murs Tartessos Bookstore, Barcelona

1981 - Sefiret, Palau Meca (Caixa de Pensions), Barcelona


2006 -

1991 - Grafic Art 91, Reales Atarazanas, Barcelona - Cinc anys d'art contemporani a l'Artesa, Antic Hospital of Santa Creu, Barcelona

1989 - On Paper, Maeght Gallery, Barcelona

1978 - Club Blanc, La Sedeta, Textile Factory, Barcelona