Eddy Oña Biography

Havana, Cuba, 1965

Emerging Spanish-Cuban contemporary artist, Eddy Oña is an EXPRESSIONIST painter. He has also worked as a caricaturist for "La Casa de la Trova" in Guanabacoa, Cuba.

He has taught at several institutions, including ISPET and at the "Forja de la Escuela Taller de La Habana Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos", which is also dedicated to the rehablitation / restoration of the Historical Center of Havana.

Since emigrating to Spain, in 1995, Oña has also worked in design and architecture.

He is the co-autor of Spanish-language book, "Portafaroles coloniales de la Habana Intramural", by Editorial Vigia, Matanzas, Cuba. 1999.