Enrique Bustamante Biography


An established Peruvian artist, Enrique Bustamante is considered the last naive painter in Peru. He paints the flora and fauna of the Americas, focusing on animals that are close to extinction. Throughout his career he has used many pictorial techniques to express himself, most recently working in acrylic; a fitting medium for his highly detailed and creative work. He often works on single paintings for months at a time.

Apart from his work as a fine artist, Bustamante is a historian and writer. He studied both in Lima and abroad.

Selected Individual Exhibitions

2007 - PicassoMio.com

2006 - Biblioteca de ESAN, Peru

2005 - Biblioteca de ESAN, Peru

2004 - Atelier 22, Burgandy, France

1998 - Kulturhaus Spandau, Berlin, Germany - Bistrot Artisse, Burgandy, France

1996 - Embajada del Peru, Paris, France

1994 - Complejo Cultural Luis Antonio Eguiguren, Peru

1992 - Galeria Formas, Miraflores, Peru

1991 - Centro Cultural Juan Parra del Riego, Barranco, Peru

1990 - Galeria de Arte de PetroPeru, San Isidro, Peru - Cafe Ingles, San Isidro, Peru

1986 - Galeria de Petroleos del Peru, San Isidro, Peru - Galeria del Real, Chiclayo, Peru

1984 - Centro Espacio Iberoamericano, Burgandy, France

1983 - Galeria El Maderito, Miraflores, Peru

1982 - Di Monti Gallery, Pennsylvania, USA

1981 - Galeria de Artesanias del Peru, Miraflores, Peru

1980 - Galeria de la Alianza Francesa, Lima, Peru - Club Grau, Piura, Peru