Eugenio Lopez Berrón Biography

Avila, Spain, 1941 -

Spanish figurative painter and printmaker who specializes in landscapes and seascapes.

Lopez Berron graduated in fine art from the Complutense University in Madrid and currently teaches drawing.

Lopez Berron's work has featured in numerous exhibitions in Spain and around the world. From 1991-5, his work was selected by UNICEF to feature on greetings cards.

Grants, awards and prizes:

1998 - Paris City Prize

1996 - Grand prize, New York Summer Salon

1993 - Gold medal, European Art Society

1985 - Autumn Salon prize

1984 - Jijona city prize

1984 - Autumn Salon prize, 1984

1983 - Madrid Autumn Salon, third medal

1968 - University Art prize, third medal