PicassoMio Galleries

PicassoMio Galleries

PicassoMio Galleries´ Website, PicassoMio.com, is created and developed in 2000, with the initial goal of selling European contemporary art to Americans, over the Internet.  The Website soon amplifies its vision and becomes one of the most successful art sellers worldwide, receiving a monthly traffic of an estimated 1 Million visitors and annual sales in over 50 countries, within the first 5 years.


During its first 5 years, artworks by over 1,000 artists, worth several million dollars were acquired through PicassoMio.com.  In addition to exhibition and sales of works by contemporary masters, like Antoni Tapies, Miquel Barceló, Damien Hirst, Nan Goldin, etc., PicassoMio focuses on developing and marketing the careers of over 3,000 mid-career and emerging talents.


In 2003 and 2005, it launches PicassoMio Galleries Madrid and Barcelona, becoming the only major Spanish gallery to be physically located in Spain's two most important cities, in addition to its offices in the U.S.  


The gallery program includes some of the most diverse shows in Europe, consisting of exhibitions by masters and established and emerging artists, from the Americas, Asia and Europe.


In light of its philanthropic goals, PicassoMio has also collaborated with major organizations on art-related projects, such as Amnesty International and Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado.


PicassoMio´s growth continues to be noticed and highlighted by Financial Times, Smart Money, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, El Pais, ArtInfo, ArtsWorld TV (SKY), and other major publications.

PicassoMio Galleries aim to be the leading gallery and art dealer of the 21st century, with a network of physical galleries, in all major art centers, accompanied by the leading Website, in its sector.