Feli Manero Biography

Feli Manero trained as a painter in Barcelona at Ramón Boter and Joaquim Santaló's school. At different times she has also experimented with calligraphy and Chinese painting at Tere Vilamatas' studio and with sculpture with Carlos Marín. In Italy she attended drawing and painting courses at the Instituto per l'Arte e il Restauro in Siena.

Her painting shows the traces of her journeys in the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. She works with a wide range of techniques and materials. Her work is a constant search, an opening up to the inside to pierce the surface, to interlace planes and work the canvas, which is no longer a mere support but texture and object.

Selected exhibitions

1991 - Sala Francesc Guer i Selvas. Robert Brillas. Individual. Esplugues. Barcelona

1992 - Fundación Sánchez Ruipérez. collective. Madrid

1993 - Sala d'Art Putxet. Individual. Barcelona

1994 - Sala Tramontan. Collective. Bacelona

1996 - Librería Laie. Collective. Barcelona

2000 - Centre Civic Pati Llimona. Collective. Barcelona

2001 - Centre Civic Convent de Sant Agustí. Individual. Barcelona

2002 - Fundación Comaposada. Individual. Barcelona

2002 - Galería Arnau. Collective. Bacelona

2002 - Galería Pou d'Art. Individual. Sant Cugat (Barcelona)

2003 - Galería Art Cubic. Collective. Barcelona

2003 - Galería Casa Europea. Collective. Pilsen (Czech Republic)

2004 - Galería Arnau. Collective. Barcelona

2005 - Julia Karp Gallery. Individual. Barcelona

2005 - Centre de Cultura de les Dones `Francesca Bonnemaison´. Collective. Barcelona

2006 - Julia Karp Gallery. Collective. Barcelona

2006 - Participation in Barcelona Poesía 2006, with the collective project `Translacions´at the Sala Miscelánea in Barcelona.

2006 - Galería Villa del Arte. Colectiva. Barcelona

2006 - Galería Arnau. Collective. Barcelona

2007 - Galería José de Ibarra. Collective. Barcelona

2007 - VIII International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Small Format. MX Espai 1010. Barcelona

2008 - Galería Esposta. Collective. Verona Italy.

She contributes illustrations to the virtual magazine Barcelona Review.

Visit www.felimanero.com