Anastasia, Barcelona, Spain

Sea at Midday by Anastasia Woron

Anastasia Woron Biography

Anastasia Woron

Poltov, Ukraine, 1970

Ukrainian artist Anastasia Woron is a painter whose work portrays diverse themes; predominantly flowers, but also including landscapes, symbolic images, and fantasy.

However, common elements can be found throughout all of Woron?s work: the emotionalism and profound spiritual restlessness of the artist, and also a way understanding and seeing life that's always full of brilliant colors.

In her work Anastasia Woron shows us a woman in sync with nature itself, like a delicate flower of great beauty. This is the artist?s own nature, tender and full of sensitivity.

Woron studied at the Art Academy of Poltava and worked in collaboration with the studio of the prestigious Israeli artist Menashe Kadishman.


2006-2007 - Capricci Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2005 - MR Gallery, Figures

2003 - Galeria Dilan, Iaffo, Israel

2001 - Galeria Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel


2006 -

1994 - "Jovenes Pintores", Kharkov

COLLECTIONS - Salon Internacional de Subastas de la ciudad de Gertslia, Israel

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