Anastasia, Barcelona, Spain

The Boat by Victor Kinus

Victor Kinus Biography

Russia, 1957

Established Russian artist Victor Kinus follows in the Russian traditions of silver century artwork with his colorful figurative paintings.

Kinus graduated from St. Petersburg Art Academy in Russia. He holds a Masters degree in Art and his work appears in private collections in Russia, Israel, Europe and The United States. Kinus is also a member of the Israel Association of Painters and Sculptors.

The artist stands for the vitality of figurative art and the natural image. The color and light in his paintings form a colorful integrity of picturesque images that are far from the dull everyday reality. A festive feeling, being the basis of his art, brings people the happiness of meeting with the beauty extracted from the world changed by Kinus' artistic imagination. Popular themes in Kinus' work are those of Jerusalem, nature, and flowers.


2006 -

2005 - Capricci Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2004 - Dilon Gallery, Old Jaffa, Israel

2003 - Mor Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2002 - President home, Jerusalem, Israel

2001 - Windsor Fine Art Expo, NY, United States

1995 - Dilon Gallery, Old Jaffa, Israel

1991 - Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

1988 - Lenkom Gallery, Leningrad, Russia

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