ArteInversión, Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), Spain

Miradas II by Marcos CARRASCO

Marcos CARRASCO Biography



1980-81 Painting Studio Workshop Soto Mesa. 1981-86 Bachelor of Fine Arts. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Specialty Painting. 1988-89 Doctoral courses. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Specialty Painting. 1988-89 Digital Photography Courses and media Telson in Madrid.


2005-06 Project Spain and Latin America face to face Aldo Castillo Gallery. Chicago. E.E.U.U. 2004 Folder of prints commemorating the 4th centenary of the first edition? Don Quijote de la Mancha?. Printmaking Workshop Rivas-Vaciamadrid. 2000-04 Participation in the engraving. Volkshochschule Rivas-Vaciamadrid. 2002-04 Research programs in the new media digital painting on textiles and vinyl. 2000-04 Work on deposit in the Section of Contemporary Prints from the National Library. Madrid. 2000-02 Work in storage (recorded). Gallery IDEARTE. Madrid. 1990-04 Painting and illustration with the use of means. 1995-04 Various editions of prints for collectors. Madrid. 1995-96 Scenography King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table. Chamber Theater Cultural Center Villa de Madrid. 1995-96 Performance of 15 posters for o.n.g. ACSUR. Awareness program for young people about tolerance. 1992-94 Professor of Art Director in IADE. Private University. Madrid. 1984-86 Artistic workshops in serigraphy Zenith. Madrid.


2005 Golf Club Contest Finalist Calatrava. Ciudad Real. 2004 1 National Award for painting Frida Kahloo. and Honorable Mention. Rivas Vaciamadrid. Madrid. 1995 Painting Contest Finalist. Cultural Center exhibition hall city Parla. Madrid. 1992 1 National Award for Painting Group Cl Caja Madrid. 1986 1st National Prize Drawing UGT. Caja Madrid. Painting Contest Finalist Box Madrid. Madrid 2. Painting Contest Finalist City Alcobendas. Madrid. Young Art Show Finalist. Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Painting Contest Finalist Alcorcón city. Madrid.


2008 Human Geography. Galeria Tribeca. Madrid. 2006 Aldo Castillo Gallery. Chicago. E.E.U.U. 2006 Galeria Braulio. Castellon. Spain 2004 Galería Maes. Madrid. Spain 2004 Centro Cultural Galileo. Madrid. Spain. 2003 Gallery. G. García de Paredes. Madrid. 1993 Gallery Kabbalah. Madrid. Spain. 1992 Gallery 37. Madrid. Spain. 1987 Gallery Begué Torres. Madrid. 1986 Exhibition Hall of Fine Arts. Madrid. Spain. 1982 Gallery Casino of Torrevieja. Alicante. Spain. 1981 Gallery Azorín. Torrevieja. Alicante. Spain. 1977 Sala Café-Gallery Starless. Madrid. Spain.


2006 IBERARTE. Feria de Zaragoza VICTORIA HIDALGO. 2006 "Latin America" at the Saint Francis University. Indiana USA. 2006 Mural of the Mind abstract. at O'Hare International Airport. Chicago. Illinois. USA 2006 Art for all. Aldo Castillo.Chicago Gallery. Illinois. USA. 2006 The Abstract Mind Mural. Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. E.E.U.U. 2006 Three languages. Gallery Grooves. Mahadahonda. Madrid 2006 Galería Maes. Collective painting. Madrid. Spain. 2006 Victoria Hidalgo Gallery. Collective painting. Madrid. Spain. 2006 Foundation Fesmai. Hotel Velázquez. Madrid. Spain 2006 Contemporary Art Fair Artesevilla. Victoria Hidalgo Gallery. Seville. Spain 2005 Edition of the XII Int Hall Editions printmaking and contemporary art. Estampa. Madrid. 2005 Septimale. Art Fair Sardinia. Home De Arte San Lorenzo. ITALY. 2005 Gallery Arteinversión. Paintings and artwork. Boadilla. Madrid. Spain. 2005 Foundation Fesmai. Hotel Velázquez. Madrid. Spain 2005 Marbà-Art. Marbella International Fair. Malaga. Spain. 2005 Tribeca gallery. Madrid. Spain. 2005 Galería Maes. Madrid. Spain. Gallery Grooves 2005. Mahadahonda. Madrid. Spain. 2004. 2005 Galería Maes. Painting. Madrid. Spain. International Art Fair 2005 serial ESTAMPA. Madrid. Spain. 2005 Galería Maes. Madrid. Spain. 2003. 2005 Galería Maes. Digital prints. Madrid. Spain. Collective in 2005 Holland Art Fair The Hague. HOLLAND. 2005 Galería Gaudí. Painting. Madrid. Spain. 2005 Fair recorded Estampa. Printmaking Workshop Rivas. Madrid. Spain. Folder 2005 record for the book of poetry So now. 2002 monotypes. Exhibit Hall C. Cultural F. G. Lorca. Rivas. Madrid. Spain. 2002 Fair recorded? Estampa?. Printmaking Workshop Rivas. Folder recorded tribute to Luis Cernuda. Rivas_Vaciamadrid. Spain. 2001 Collective recorded. Exhibit Hall C. Cultural F. G. Lorca. Rivas. Madrid. Spain. 2001 Fair recorded Estampa. Printmaking Workshop Rivas. Madrid. Spain. 2000 Gallery Idearte. Engravings. Madrid. Rivas. Madrid. Spain. 1996 Collective Painting Contest winners CL Group. Sala Millares. Museum of Contemporary Art. Madrid. Gallery afins 1993. Artists Gallery. Madrid. 1992 Gallery Kabbalah. Museum Laptop. Madrid. 1991 Gallery Kabbalah. Nine artists from the gallery.Madrid. 1990 Gallery Kabbalah. Games Artists. Madrid. 1990 Art Gallery. Madrid. 1987 Showroom Assembly of Madrid.Amorfonikilación. 1986 Faculty of Arts Collective. Madrid. 1981 Collective Painting Gallery Azorín. Torrevieja. Alicante.

Artist's Statement

Informel, geometric abstraction and figuration. Three different languages, even opposite, that this author has managed to melt down to a surprising result, daring, exciting. Madrileño This young painter has a slight twist in his career, helped by new digital technologies, which open up a whole world of posiblilidades and infinite combinations. Charo López Sánchez
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