Commenoz Gallery, Key Biscane, Florida

The Shower by Claude Lazar

Claude Lazar Biography

Alexandria, Egypt, 1947

In established French painter Claude Lazar's figurative works on canvas, a certain tension exists between the intimate, domestic interiors that they depict and the absence of human figures. Lazar instead focuses on the use of natural or artificial light to bring life to the spaces he creates.

Lazar studied fine art at the National Academy for Applied Art and Cinema at the University of Vincennes in Paris.

Solo shows:


Commenoz Gallery, Florida


Magna Gallery, San Francisco


Franklin Bowles Gallery, New York


Franklin / Sorroko Galleries, New York


Galerie L'entree des Artistas, Barbizon, France

Galerie du Centre, Paris


Galerie L'entree des Artistas, Barbizon, France

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