Cristian Barnes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I'm Going to, Bessie... by Cristian Barnes

Cristian Barnes Biography

Cristian Barnes

Rosario, Santa Fe (Argentina), 1955 -

Argentine-born, Spain-based EMERGING painter, Cristian Barnes works in the POP ART style, reminescent of the comics from the 1970s.

The artist received his training at the St. Catherine School (Montevideo, Uruguay) and the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Manuel Belgrano (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

His artworks have been exhibited at the following GALLERIES and PUBLIC SPACES:

1984 - Palmer, Madrid.

1998 - Expo Buenos Aires No Duerme.

2001 - AlternatiBA, Centro Cultural San Martin, Buenos Aires.

2002 - Downtown, Madrid.

2003 - Bambu Gallery, Buenos Aires.

2004 - Gropius Gallery Bar, Buenos Aires. - Tavano Interior Design, Buenos Aires

2005 - Fabrica de Bananas, Buenos Aires. - Arguibel, Buenos Aires. - Tavano Interior Design, Buenos Aires.(permanent show) - Puertas al Arte 2005, Talar de Pacheco, Buenos Aires. - Gropius Gallery Bar, Buenos Aires. (permanent show)

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