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Cartoons by Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal Biography

Javier Mariscal

Valencia, Spain, 1950

A Spanish master whose talent has been recognized internationally, Javier Mariscal has worked in diverse disciplines and mediums, showing an impressive talent for all.

Graphic design, furniture design, painting, sculpture, interior design, urban landscape and garden design, all form a part of his professional activity. Mariscal is equally happy looking at a Klee painting as he is riding a roller coaster. At times in his work he doesn't differentiate between an electric devise, a person, or a chair; all have volume, all think, laugh, and cry. Every image that passes through his retina, every experience, is recorded in his visual memory and later becomes a part of his work.

Mariscal began his studies in design at the Escuela de Elisava in Barcelona, Spain, but later preferred to learn and work on his own.

He has receieved various prizes. Of particular note is the National Prize for Design, which he was awarded in 1999.

Selected Individual Exhibitions

2007 -

2006 - ARCO. Feria de Arte Contemporaneo. Madrid, Spain. - Galeria Punto. Spain. - Mariscal. Narrador de imagenes. IVAM. Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno. Valencia, Spain. - Joyful Art. Galeria Cyprus. Baix Emporda. Girona, Spain.

2005 - Javier Mariscal. 2005Galeria Punto. Valencia, Spain.

2004 - Ã?ltimas cosasGaleria Colon XVI. Bilbao, Spain.

2003 - Palo Alto, Galeria Cyprus Art (Colectiva). Spain. - Mariscal 1970-2003. Una vision muy subjetiva, Centro de Arte la recova. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. - Galeria Carmen. Torrallardona, Andorra

2002 - Galeria Trama. Barcelona, Spain.

1999 - Acuarelas. Galeria Mª Jose Castellvi. Barcelona, Spain.

1998 - Señor Mundo. Sala de Cultura Sa Nostra. Ciutadella, Spain. - The Paciphic Mariscal. The Big Step Gallery. Osaka, Japan.

1997 - Mariscal en BD Madrid. BD Madrid. Spain.

1996 - Mariscal a Milano. Galeria InterNos. Milan, Italy. - Mariscal en Daralhorra. Palacio de Daralhorra. Granada, Spain.

1995 - Paisajes. Galeria Sen. Madrid, Spain. - Galeria Trama. Barcelona, Spain.

1994 - ARCO-94-Galeria Trama. Madrid, Spain. - Le Monde de l'Art. Paris, France. - El Señor Mundo. Galeria Trama, Barcelona y Galeria Moriarty, Madrid, Spain. - Mariscal a Paris (retrospectiva), Musee Galeria de la Seita. Paris, France. - Acuarinto ART. Oldham Art Gallery. Manchester, UK.

1993 - Galeria Moriarty. Madrid, Spain.

1991 - Monotypes. Galeria Trama. Barcelona, Spain. - Traveling retrospective: Takashimaya Art Gallery. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, Japan.

1990 - Galeria Luis Adelantado. Valencia, Spain.

1989 - Cent anys a Barcelona (retrospectiva). Barco mercante, puerto de Barcelona, Spain. - Cosquillas para tus ojos. Sala Vinçon. Barcelona, Spain. - ARCO-89-Galeria Moriarty. Madrid, Spain. - Galeria Berini. Barcelona, Spain.

1988 - 100 Años con Mariscal (retrospectiva), La Lonja. Valencia, Spain.

1986 - Esculturas Adelantadas en el Nuevo Estilo Post-Barroco. Sala Vinçon. Barcelona, Spain. - ARCO-86- Galeria Moriarty. Madrid, Spain.

1984 - Espace Actuel. Paris, France.

1983 - Galeria Moriarty. Madrid, Spain. - Muebles muy formales. BD Ediciones de Diseño. Barcelona, Spain.

1981 - Muebles Amorales. Sala Vinçon. Barcelona, Spain.

1980 - Galeria Central / Galeria Local. Madrid, Spain.

1977 - Gran Hotel. Galeria Mec-Mec. Barcelona, Spain.

Selected Collections

  • Fundacion La Caixa. Barcelona, Spain.
  • Ricard Collection. Paris. France.
  • Coleccion Aigues de Barcelona, Spain.
  • IVAM. Valencia, Spain.
  • MOMA. New York, USA.
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art. USA.
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