De Buena Tinta, Altea, Spain

Fetish III by Simeón Sáiz

Simeón Sáiz Biography

Cuenca, 1956 -

Established Spanish contemporary artist, Simeon Saiz Ruiz is well-known for his ABSTRACT and EXPRESSIONIST paintings and graphic prints.

Trained under Fernando Zobel, Simeon Saiz Ruiz held his first exhibition at the prestigious Madrid gallery, Galeria Edurne, in 1976. He lived and worked in Boston and New York, between 1976 and 1986. After his return from New York, he began working as a Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, in Cuenca, Spain. He received a Doctorate in Philosophy, in Madrid, in 1995.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: - Fucares Gallery, Madrid - Almagro Gallery, Madrid

In 1994, he won Spain's most prestigious fine arts award, The L'Oreal Prize.

SELECTED COLLECTIONS: - Reina Sofia Contemporary Art Museum (MNCARS), Madrid - La Caixa Foundation - Caja Burgos Collection

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