Ediciones Poligrafa, Barcelona, Spain

Tramitadora by Miquel Navarro

Miquel Navarro Biography

Valencia, Spain, 1945-

Spain-born, Miguel Navarro is one of the best recognized contemporary painters, printmakers and sculptors from Europe.

This Mediterranean artist is influenced by CONSTRCTIVISM and has received Spain's most prestigious awards in the Arts: National Fine Arts Award (1986); Alfons Ruig Award (1987) and the National Art Critics Award (ARCO Art Fair) (1995).

In addition to the Fine Arts, Navarro is an accomplished set designer, and has collaborated on well-received plays, such as: Fernando Sabater's ?Vente a Sinopia? and Calderon de la Barca's ?Absalon?.

His works have been exhibited at major mueseums around the world, including: - Guggenheim Museum, New York; - Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid, amongst others.

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