Eyestorm, London, United Kingdom

Travelling Still Tulip Fields Holland IV by Rob Carter

Rob Carter Biography

Established British artist Rob Carter makes photographic stills that give the impression of a moving image, as if taken from the side window of a driving vehicle. Using a revolving lens camera, the artist has taken over four years to collect the work on his travels in destinations including Spain, Scotland, Holland, Portugal and Barbados.

Carter?s work centers on color and light and some of the most vivid works shown here were captured in Las Vegas. Carter cites Vegas as the ?perfect? destination to produce a series of work; where better than Vegas to capture bright neon lights?

Rob Carter has been a fine art photographer since 1993. He is more commonly known as one half of the ?Rob & Nick Carter? duo who have been described as ?the next big thing? by The Sunday Times and boast Elton John, David and Victoria Beckham and Matthew Williamson as collectors of their work.

The first from the Travelling Still series, "Travelling Still Brighton Beach" won a bronze medal with the Royal Photographic Society in 2002.

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