Galería Mínimaarte, Cádiz, Spain

Simple Pétale by Christine Josserand

Christine Josserand Biography

France, 1970

Emerging French artist Christine Josserand's work is dedicated to jewelry making.

Josserand studied Art History & Philology in Paris and in 1995 decided to relocate to Spain where she worked in the French Alizana and the French Institute of Madrid. At the same time, she also trained in the European Center of Integral Jewelry in Madrid, where she learned the modeled manufacturing techniques of jewelry and of waxes. Josserand also participated in the New Work Creative Space of the CEJI as a charter member. The space collaborates every month with reviews for Gold and Time and the IberJoya jewelry fair.

Josserand strives to evoke an aesthetic of resistance and the duality of her surroundings. She combines spontanaeity and elaboration, light and shade, the finished and unfinished, including at the same time a poetic dimension. In speaking about her work, Josserand states: "For me, jewelry making is an artistic way of privileged expression: it is open to all techniques and admits all types of materials. But mainly jewelry making brings me closer to people. The knowledge that someone can wear my artwork in their daily life is to feel that I am more near to them, having put forth the best product of my effort and sensitivity. That connection makes me feel right with the world."


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