Galería Mínimaarte, Cádiz, Spain

Unstable Balance by Oscar Fuster

Oscar Fuster Biography


Established painter and drawer Oscar Fuster works in a very personal style, full of psychological implications.

Fuster is licensed in Engraving and Painting by the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Madrid. He has also furthered his education with numerous courses in painting, photography and art. Fuster has also served as professer of a variety of artistic subjects in several schools and universities.


2001 - Gallery Space f, Madrid

2000 - "Solo", Gallery of the Butte, Cherbourg, France

1999 - Gallery Space Fourquet, Madrid

1998 - "Malarracha" Carmen of the War Gallery, Madrid

1997 - Young Forum of Maia, Oporto, Portugal - 5th Gallery, Moncarapacho, Portugal

1994 - The Mouse Gallery, Madrid

1993 - Lisbon Gallery, Madrid


2006 -

2005 - ?The Passion?, Book Object S.T. Nº19, ?10th Anniversary of the Book Object S.T.? Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, Malaga

2004 - Barthes and Love?, Jose Lorenzo Gallery, Santiago de Compostela, Coruña - ?Love?, Book Object S.T. Nº18: Atomic Eye Gallery, Madrid - ?25 Years Is Not Nothing?, The Forum, Pozuelo, Madrid - ?Time?, Book Object S.T. Nº17: Center of Modern Art Gallery, Madrid

2003 - II Festival ?Madrid Edition?, Palace of the Temptations, Madrid - ?Encounter in Pozuelo?, IMCE Enterprize Complex, Pozuelo, Madrid - ?Reality and Desire?, Book Object S.T. Nº16: Edurne Gallery, Madrid - ?Sex of the Angels?, The Forum, Pozuelo, Madrid - ?24 Years of Contemporary Art?, SIGHT Cultural Space, Pozuelo, Madrid


2001 - Contest of Young Creators, Madrid

1993 - 1st Prize Painting, The Mouse Gallery, Madrid

1990 - Gold Medal in Oil Painting and Watercolor, General Contests of Citizen Participation, Madrid

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