Galerie Brigitte, Reston, Virginia

Falling Leaves by Tung Ngoc

Tung Ngoc Biography

Hanoi, Vietnam, 1957

An established artist, Tung Ngoc has become one of the most loved Vietnamese artists for his lively interpretation of a simple lifestyle in prints of plaster engraving.

Since 1997, he has participated in as many as 20 exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, and has received many awards from the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

To accomplish such success and knowledge, Tung Ngoc has spent over 20 years researching and studying the various techniques and styles in wood engraving. The most inspiring technique was one that applied layers of wood panels onto a black platform to create the depth and 3-dimensional effect. Tung Ngoc has applied this same technique to his plaster engraving by executing layers and intense levels of colors onto the various layers of plaster panels.

He graduated from the Hanoi College of Fine Art, and is a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

He says of his work: "I like to create flowing, asymmetrically balanced designs that make you think. Designs where everything is not automatically explained to your eye, but it is presented in a pleasing, appropriate manner. The subject matters are alive as if they are associating and communicating with you."

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