Leonard Tachmes Gallery, Miami, Florida

Stimulus by Christian Curiel

Christian Curiel Biography

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Living and working in Miami, Christian Curiel is an ESTABLISHED Puerto Rican painter, whose FIGURATIVE and paintings combine aspect of FOLKLORIC and NAÃ?VE art in their simplified appearance, allegorical content, irony and hints at social criticism.

Curiel's SOLO EXHIBITIONS include the following:

2002 - Bass Museum of Art, Project Room, Featured Artist, Miami Beach, Fl, US. - Buena Vista Gallery "Going Out on a Limb", FeCuOp collaboration, Miami Fl.

2001 - Dorsch Gallery "New Work", Miami, Fl.

1999 - Art House "MILES", Miami, Fl.

The artist has exhibited in the following COLLECTIVE SHOWS:

2003 - Rocket Projects"Assembly of an Allegory", FeCuOp collaboration. Miami Fl. - Buena Vista Gallery "Drawing Conclusions", Miami, Fl. - American Embassy "Art in Embassies Program", Brazil.

2002 - Locust Projects "Locust Project", Miami, Fl. - Leonard Tachmes Gallery "Is This It", Miami, Fl. - Snitzer Gallery "No Show", Coral Gables, Fl. - Bernice Steinbaum Gallery "No Banner",Miami, Fl. FeCuOp collaboration. - Eugenia Vargas space "No Home Show", Miami, Fl. - Barbara Gillman Gallery, "15/CALIBER", Miami, Fl. - Museum of Contemporary Art "Globe>Miami>Island ",Washington D.C. - Dorsch Gallery, "Retrievals", Miami, Fl.

2001 - Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, "Blotter", Miami Beach, Fl. - Dorsh Gallery , "Grouped", Miami, Fl. - Bass Museum of Art, "Globe>Miami>Island", Miami Beach, Fl. - Creative Juice, "FLUFF", FeCuOp collaboration, Miami Beach, Fl. - The House, "Sears Building", Miami, Fl. - Home of Bing Castro/Space Exploration Project, "Dwelling 00.1", Miami, Fl.

2000 - Fred Snitzer Gallery, "Robot", Coral Gables, Fl. - Upstairs Gallery, "Untitled", Balharbor, Fl.

1999 - Upstairs Gallery, "Reload", Balharbor, Fl. - Art House, "Miles", Miami Fl. - Chestler Contemporary Visual Arts Award. Miami, Fl.

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