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Autumn by Fernando Verdugo

Fernando Verdugo Biography

Sevilla, 1942 -

Renowned Spanish painter and printmaker, Fernando Verdugo art reflects his expertise with materials and surfaces; the resulting pieces often comparable to highly personalized abstract poems.

He received his initial training with Sevillan artist, Miguel Perez Aguilera, at the Santa Isabel de Hungaria School of Fine Arts.

In 1966, at the age of 22, he was awarded the Painting Prize established by the LA PASARELA GALLERY, the leading art gallery in Seville, at that time.

Shortly thereafter, he moved to New York and commenced working with the New York-based editors.

An artist, greatly influenced by international artistic movements, Verdugo moved to Holland from New York, where he worked with the D'FENDT GALLERY, Amsterdam, and was influenced by the NORDIC SURREALISM styles.

After living in Holland for 7 years, the Artist returned to Spain and has spent time living and working in Madrid and Seville, his hometown. His recent EXHIBITIONS are as follows:

1990 - Ruben Forni Art Gallery. Brussles, BELGIUM.

1992 - Colegio del Rey Foundation, Alcala de Henares, Spain.

1993 - Jorge Kreisler Gallery. Madrid.

1995 - Galeria May More. Madrid.

1998 - Galeria May More. Madrid. - Ciudadela. Pabellon de Mixtos. Ayuntamiento de Pamplona, Pamplona. - Dialogue Gallery. Paris.

2001 - Galeria May More, Madrid

His works also form part of prestigious COLLECTIONS in Spain. Amongst them are:

  • Congress, Spain.

  • Museo Municipal de Madrid.

  • Banco de Santander, Spain.

  • National Library, Spain.

  • Antonio Perez Foundation.

  • Electronic Data Systems Spain.

  • Loewe Foundation

  • Antena 3 Television

  • Fundacion Colegio del Rey

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