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Dishonorably Discharged by Al Capp

Al Capp Biography

Al Capp

1909 - 1979

Legendary American cartoonist, Al Capp is best known for his creation of LI'L ABNER, often regarded as the greatest American comic strip and social satire.

After having lost his left leg in a tragic traffic accident, at the age of nine, Al Capp was encouraged by his father to take up the arts.

After working for a brief period for the ASSOCIATED PRESS, in 1934, Capp created LI'L ABNER, which began reaching millions of readers through nearly 300 newspapers, across the country.

Capp achieved an unprecedented success as his celebrity admirers ranged from Charlie CHAPLIN to John UPDIKE, the writer to John Kenneth GALBRAITH, the economist. The leading author, John Steinbeck called Capp "the best writer in the world".

Over decades, Capp created some of the most unforgettable characters, including, General Bullmoose, the ruthless capitalist; Joe Bfstplk, the jinxed personality; Eye Fleegle; Lonesome Polecat and Hairless Joe, the cave dwellers; Mammy Yokum, the cornpipe smoking leader of the Yokum clan; Fearless Fosdick, the parody of Chester GOULD's "Dick Tracy"; and many more.

Li'l Abner inspired a successful Broadway musical(1957) and two film adaptations, later.

Cap was also a regular and outspoken guest on the popular television program, the "TONIGHT" show, with hosts like Jack PAAR, Steve ALLEN and Johnny CARSON. He also had his own newspaper column and a radio show and was a popular guest lecturer at college campuses, across the country.

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