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New Perspective by Anne Youkeles

Anne Youkeles Biography


An established Austrian artist, Anne Youkeles works in an original geometric style.

She studied at Ohio State University in the United States, and at the Kunstgewerbe Schule de Vienna, in Austria.

Anne says of her work: ?The lines between sculpture and painting, photography and painting, and printmaking and painting have largely been blurred in the last few decades. The term ?mixed media? has become universally accepted. My work has taken advantage of these new opportunities, and has benefited from the permissiveness that has encouraged artists to follow their creativity, without worrying whether these techniques were acceptable. During my working life as an artist, I have gone from prints to paintings to handmade paper pieces, sometimes combining several techniques to achieve the desired result. However, the one constant has been my desire to make my work as three dimensional as possible. My prints, paintings, and paper works have always incorporated elements of sculpture through the use of folded canvas and paper as well as hand cast paper shapes in order to further my goal. My other aim was to combine small parts or modules to fashion a larger cohesive work, ?the sum of the parts.? The goal now, as always, has been to express a view of ?The Landscape of My Mind.??


2006 -

1993 - Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, USA.

1984 - Benjamin Mantel Gallery, Philadelphia, USA. - Judith Posner Gallery, Milwaukee, USA.

1982 - Benjamin Mantel Gallery, Philadelphia, USA.

1981 - Library Gallery, Port Washington, USA.

1980 - Dubins Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

1978 - Judith Posner Gallery, Milwaukee, USA. - Dubins Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

1977 - Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, USA.

1976 - Melchers Gallery, Wupperthal, Germany.

1973 - Prints on Prince Street, New York , USA. - Elefant Galerie, Frankfurt, Germany. - Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia , USA.

1972 - Ortas Gallery, Giessen, Germany. - Galerie Am Jacobsbrunnen, Stuttgart, Germany.

1971 - Philadelphia Print Club, Philadelphia , USA.

1970 - Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia , USA.


2001 -, Mad for Paper.

1996 - Burgmuseum, Greifenstein, Germany, Buchkunst (The Art of the Book)

1989 - Artlink, Fort Wayne, USA. - Handmade PaperHunterdon Art Center, USA. - National Print ExhibitionCarlton College, USA.

1988 - Reece Galleries, New Cork, USA. - Missouri Western State College, MO, Prominent Printmakers.

1987 - Kutztown University, USA. - East Coast PrintsSilvermine Arts Center, New Canaan, CT, Juxtapositions.

1986 - Queensboro College, USA.

1982 - Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, BY, Prints USA.

1980 - Philadelphia Print Club, Philadelphia, PA, In Celebration of Prints.

1975, 1973 - Queens Museum of Art, Queens, USA.

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