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Le Bistro by David Azuz

David Azuz Biography

Tel Aviv, 1942 ?

Israel-born, France-based artist, Daid Azuz is FIGURATIVE painter, with a rich, colourful style.

His paintings are masterfully drawn and full of curiosity for the simple details of life. Azuz's subjects, in bistros and markets, whether in Rome, Paris or Tel Aviv, often express the solitude of the individual. These individuals are symbolic of the universal citizen and are deeply moving in their pathos and search for themselves.

He usually works late at night in Paris cafes in search of those characteristic attitudes of the bartenders and patrons, which tend to blossom at this time of the evening, for instance, young couples in love, hiding their romance in the corner or old ladies getting a little warmth from the anisette they sip slowly to make time go a long way. In today's world, it is comforting to meet an artist who has not indulged in fashion by abstracting the patterns of life, but. on the contrary, has used his knowledge of classical drawing and, above all, his passionate temperament to communicate to us the simple gestures of life which most have forgotten to do.


1959: Katz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

1960: Nora Gallery, Jerusalem, Isael

1962: - Tiroche's Gallery, Old City, Jaffa, Israel - Rina Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

1963: Gallery Wirth, Berlin, Germany

  • 1966: Maison de Ia Culture, Paris, France

1967: Galerie Abel Rosenberg, Paris, France

1971: Gallery Bernstein, Elmshorn, Germany

1972: Archer Gallery, London, England

1973: Engel Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

1974: Galerie Abel Rosenberg, Paris, France - Gallery Mer-kup, Mexico

  • 1975: Limited Edition Gallery, Los Angeles, California

  • 1976: Galerie L'Arlequin, Paris

  • 1978: Cardo Matignon, Paris

A selected list of GROUP EXHIBITIONS is as follows:

1958: "Art of Tomorrow", Museum of Modern Arts, Haifa, Israel

1959: -Exhibition Modern Art in Israel "Artists House" of Jerusalem Haifa, Tel Aviv, Israel - "Man and Humanity in Israel" Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel

1960: "Exhibition Modern Art in Israel" Artists House of Jerusalem, Haifa, Te Aviv, (Israel Painters and Sculptors Association)

1961: - Gallery Jean Tiroche, Jaffa, Israel

1963: - Gallery Wirth, Berlin, Germany

1964: Gallery Wirth, Berlin, Germany - Gallery Wiener, New York,

l965: - Galery Wirth, Berlin, Germany - Galerie Du Fleuve, Paris, France


Gallery Wirth, Berlin, Germany - Art Festival "66", Combined Synagogues of Great Neck, N.Y - Galerie Carpenter, Paris, France

1967 : Saint-Peres, Paris, France

  • 1970: Exposition Hotel Royal Monceau, Paris, France

1971: Galerie Abel Rosenberg,Paris, France

1973: Ohanna Gallery, London.

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