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Four Italian Poppies by Ed Baynard

Ed Baynard Biography

Washington, D.C., 1940 -

American contemporary artist, Ed Baynard's paintings and graphic prints blend the contemporary and the classical, the Orient and the Western, in their treatment of familiar themes, such as flowers, trees and still-life.

His works remain very coveted due to their elegance and their stylized compositions.

A selected list of his recent EXHIBITIONS is as follows: - Eleonore Austerer Gallery, San Francisco, CA - A.P Giannini Gallery, San Francisco, CA - Wright Gallery, New York, NY - Gallery One, Toronto, Canada - Judith Goldberg Gallery New York, NY - Associated American Artists New York, NY - Contemporary Art Museum Houston, TX - John Berggruen Gallery San Francisco, CA

Cleveland Museum of Art Cleveland, OH

Museum of Modern Art New York, NY

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