, Long Island City, New York

Untitled by Enrique Zañartu

Enrique Zañartu Biography

Paris, France, 1921 ? Chile, 2000

An established Chilean artist, Enrique Zañartu creates the illusion of spaces of psychological tension through organic rather than figurative objects.

Born in Paris, Zañaratu moved to Chile in 1938, establishing himself as an artist. In 1944 he travelled to New York to study with Stanley W. Hayter in the Atelier 17, becoming associate director of the studio in New York until 1949, and subsequently in the Paris studio from 1950 to 1957. He taught printmaking, painting, and drawing at various prestigious institutions.


2006 -

1994 - Retrospective 1946-1993. Galeria Tomas Andreu. Santiago, Chile.

1967 - Galeria Buchholz. Munich, Germany.

1963 - Instituto de Arte Contemporaneo. Lima, Peru.

1962 - Galerie Kart Flinker. Paris, France

1956 - Pan-American Union. Washington, DC, USA.

1952 - Galerie Springer. Berlin, Germany.


1974 - Latin American and Surrealism, Bochum Museum, Germany - Artiste Latino-Americains de Paris, Grand Palais. Paris, France.

1968 - Internationale Grafik, Oldenburg Kunsteverein, Germany.

1957 - Tokyo Biennial of Graphic Art, Tokyo, Japan - Sao Paulo Biennial, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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