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Dogwood II by John D'Orazio

John D'Orazio Biography

Youngstown, Ohio, 1942 -

IN his bold prints, this ESTABLISHED American painter and graphic artist creates images composed of occidental imagery and his own iconography using oriental techniques, creating a juxtaposition between the two cultures.

D'Oriazio trained as an architect and started to work as an artist in the 1970s, after developing a profound interest in oriental life and culture, particularly Buddism and meditation. The lyricism in his images of flowers and leaves displays his interest in the poetic beauty and special concepts of Japanese landscape art.

D'Orazio's SOLO EXHIBITIONS include:

1978 - Open Studio, New York.

1977 - Open Studio, New York.

1976 - Open Studio, New York.

1975 - Open Studio, New York. - Lotus Gallery, New York.

1973 - MacDowell Collony, Peterborough, New Hampshire, US. - Wostbeth Gallery, New York.

1972 - University of Maryland Gallery, College Park, Maryland.

1971 - Westbeth Gallery, New York.

The artist has participated in the following COLLECTIVE shows:

1978 - New York Dharmadhatu, New York.

1976 - Westbeth Gallery, New York. - James Yu Gallery, New York.

1974 - Lotus Gallery, New York.

1972 - Gimbels East Gallery, New York.

1970 - Westbeth Gallery, New York.

1968 - Columbia University Gallery, New York.

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