, Long Island City, New York

Day by Norio Azuma

Norio Azuma Biography

Mie-Ken, Japan, 1928- New York, 2004

Japanese-American Norio Azuma is a master artist whose ABSTRACT, GEOMETRIC works tend to be full of color.

Azuma studied at the Kanazawa Art College of Japan and the Chouinard Art Institute. Azuma received awards from the American Color Print Society and the Boston Printmaker for her acrylic and oil based paintings. The White House, the Library of Congress, and many other buildings feature Azuma's artwork.


"30 Contemporary American Artists" USIA

"28th Corcoran Biennial Exhibition" Washington, DC

"3rd International Triennial of Original Graphics"

"Contemporary American Artists" The White House

"Sculpture and Prints" Whitney Museum of American Art

"Kagai Sakka Ten" Tokyo Modern Museum of Art

"American Art Today" New York World's Fair


Whitney Museum of Art

University of Nebraska

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Butler Institute of American Art

Seattle Art Museum

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art

Cleveland Museum of Art

State University of Potsdam, New York

Smithsonian Institute

The Free Library of Philadelphia

Library of Congress

Chase Manhattan Bank Collection

Philadelphia Museum of Art

National Academy of Science

St. Louis Art Museum

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

University of California

Art Institute of Chicago

University of Wisconsin


New Jersey State Museum

Princeton University

Des Moines Art Center

Rosenwald Collection

Hirshhorn Museum

American Republic Insurance Co. Collection

La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art

Boston Public Library

Palm Springs Desert Museum

Chouinard Art Institute

Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan

Kanazawa Art College, Japan

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