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World Series 2 by Paul Calle

Paul Calle Biography

New York City -

Established American contemporary artist, Paul Calle is best known for his detailed FIGURATIVE depiction of WESTERN and SPORTING themes, in his drawings and graphic prints.

Trained at the Pratt Institute (1947), this artist was greatly influenced by the figure work of Thomas HART BENTON. He also learned woodcut techniques from Lynd WARD and the effect of sinewy lines from Ben SHAHN. Calle has also worked as an illustrator for "McCalls," "The Saturday Evening Post," "National Geographic," and "Fortune."

He became official artist of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Fine Art Program and designed the "First Man on the Moon" stamp for the United States Postal Service. He also illustrated for the Department of the Interior, which led to many western paintings.

His technique is to create a build-up of lines to create his figures, creating a soft, air-like effect.

He lives in Stamford, Connecticut, and is the author of "The Pencil," recently into its sixth printing and first published in 1974.

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