, Long Island City, New York

Ring-Necked Pheasants by Peter Darro

Peter Darro Biography

United States, 1917 -

ESTABLISHED American graphic artist, painter and naturalist, whose GRAPHIC PRINTS of wildlife scenes combine his two passions.

Darro trained at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and began his artistic career as a portrait painter. Reproductions of Darro's realistic and highly detailed prints have appeared in publications including Illinois Wildlife and the National Wildlife Magazine.

Examples of the artist's work can be found in the Following PUBLIC COLLECTIONS:

  • Grumman, Boats Division, Marathon, New York.

  • Japan-Cine, Division of Bell and Howell, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, Michigan, US.

  • Glenview State Bank, Illinois, US.

  • Land of Lincoln Federal Savings and Loan Associations, Illinois.

  • Sante Fe Railways, Chicago, US.

  • Minnequa Bank of Pueblo, Colorado, US.

  • Ralston Purina, St. Louis,US.

  • Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland, US.

  • Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.

  • Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, Illinois.

  • J.S. Sanders Wildlife and Conservation Foundation, Inc., Ohio, US.

  • National Wildlife Federation.

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