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Summer Still Life by Rainer Gross

Rainer Gross Biography

Established German-born artist Rainer Gross?s paintings and drawings maintain a foothold in pre-Renaissance painting traditions yet grasp the candor and social commentary of POP art and PHOTOREALISM. His work interprets Americana and is charged with allegorical and classical allusions. He describes his direction best as ".... personal improvisations with themes in art history. I consider myself a student of paintings. I see no conceit in quoting from the past."

Gross came to the United States in 1973. At that time he worked with Howard Kanovitz and later with Larry Rivers He has exhibited with German galleries and last season at the Tower. His work is represented in numerous private collections.



14 X Malere, Studio PHBK, Cologne, Germany


Kunst und Technik, Kunstpreis Junger Western, Museum Bochum Neumarkt der Kunste, Cologne, Germany


One Man Show, Gallery Witte, Cologne, Germany

Exemplarische Ausstellung Kolner Kuost Kaleidoskop Neumark der Kunste, Cologne, Germany

1978 Lower Gallery, Southampton, UK

1979 One Man Show, Tower Gallery Southampton

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